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Focus on cryptography, network security, secure computer systems, security operations, and incidence response. 

Physical and embedded systems with a particular focus on the energy domain–smart grids and power system protection.

Focus on Internet and public policy, the challenges of terrorism, privacy, and the law

A Three-Track Curriculum to
Position You for Leadership




Streamline processes and workflow to eliminate waste within your organization.

Identify appropriate and effective techniques for continuous improvement.

Evaluate a quality system for conformance by understanding ISO 9001 registration from a professional lead auditor's viewpoint.

Increase Productivity and Improve Quality   

Implement ISO 9001 standards to manage quality and increase marketability.

Recognize value-added techniques and develop an effective lean strategy.

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Process Improvement and Quality Management Courses

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Learn how to document ISO 9001 to attain registration.

Learn how to position your organization more
competitively by improving quality and efficiency to boost your long-term operational and business performance.

Tame the Chaos

Instructor Bob Wray shares his top 9 sources of waste in project management.